Reasons for making the method public

For me, who suffered from anthropophobia,
“I want to make money with Forex at all costs, but I can’t.”
I will never forget the frustration I felt at that time.

Even if you don’t suffer from anthropophobia a/ps I do,
“I want a job where I can stay at home and watch my children grow up.
I want to make more money, even though I don’t have much money to spare due to my income.
You have various thoughts and feelings,
I believe that you have come to my page because you want to make money with FX.

I hope I can be a guide for you, I am now disclosing my own method.


I have written about my life up to now.

I hope that it will be a great help to those who are struggling to make money in the forex market like I have been,
To “make money through discretionary trading out of the blue” is very difficult for people who have lived a normal life,
It is very difficult for people who have lived a normal life.

Forex is a system in which your money goes up and down, and it is normal for people to be happy or sad, and to be swept away by the system.
(*Some wealthy people and business owners already have a different value of money than normal, so they make a profit right after teaching…)

That is why,
First, after you get a sense of “increasing your money in Forex by working nonchalantly” with non-discretionary trading,
it is important to master discretionary trading without being influenced by earnings.

Like me.

Even if you are a person who gets excited easily..,
Or a clumsy person like me,

You can make money in Forex if you trade with the right knowledge.